What is at stake in the marriage of DEM and PSL; listen to podcast – 29/09/2021 – Podcasts

The DEM and PSL party convention to formalize the merger of the two parties, which had been negotiated in recent weeks, will take place on October 6th. That’s when the two acronyms come together to approve a common statute and program.

The two parties seek to strengthen themselves for the 2022 elections and gain muscle in Congress. The PSL now has the largest bench in the Chamber, with 53 deputies, while the DEM occupies 28 seats.

The DEM, which with the name of PFL already occupied the main space on the right in Brazil after the redemocratization, has been losing strength since 2002. The PSL, on the other hand, is fearful of shrinking in next year’s election, without the pocketbook votes that leveraged the party in 2018.

This Wednesday’s (29th) Breakfast talks with political scientist Sérgio Abranches, author of the book “Presidentialism of Coalition”. It tells the story of the DEM and the PSL, explains what is at stake in the merger of the two acronyms, and analyzes the right-wing party organization in Brazil.

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