TikTok launches marketplace for companies to sponsor creators – 09/28/2021 – Tec

The social network TikTok announced this Tuesday (28) that it will bring to Brazil in the coming weeks the Creator Marketplace platform, for brands to connect with content producers.

The company says the service will help companies find creators aligned with their values.

The launch, which takes place during the company’s event, comes with a series of new services for companies launched by the Chinese social network, including the possibility for brands to post summaries of open campaigns to engage interested content creators, tools for the creators tag videos with company-sponsored content and also pages for companies that load faster.

In its ad, the company stated that brands have become “a fun part” of the TikTok experience. It also says that the user community likes to get involved with the brands they love.

The company also features a number of TikTok Shopping initiatives to drive e-commerce on its platform.

The company will offer in other markets product and delivery management, integration with logistics partners and the possibility of hosting live commerce events, sharing links to products in real time.

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On Monday, the network announced that it reached the mark of 1 billion active users per month in the world by mid-year — a growth of 45% since July 2020.

The United States, Europe, Brazil, Southeast Asia are the platform’s biggest markets, the company told Reuters.