There is a time bomb at the TSE – 28/09/2021 – Elio Gaspari

The Superior Electoral Court revealed that in the coming weeks it will judge the process of repealing the ticket of Jair Bolsonaro and Hamilton Mourão. It seems like a lack of subject matter, but it is good to say: this is a late and inopportune initiative, a classic case of slapstick.

It is a latecomer because it makes no sense to revoke a ticket three years after the campaign during which flagrant violations of the law would have occurred.

Everything indicates that illegalities occurred, but if the Judiciary took three years to decide the case, it should recognize that its slowness caused damage to the public good similar to that of the wrongdoings committed.

If the case involved an official held for life, that’s fine, but removing a ticket a year from the end of the term is an eccentricity.

It is inopportune, because the country has not yet freed itself from the institutional tension manipulated by Bolsonaro in his verbal confrontations with the Judiciary. New trouble in this yard is unnecessary.

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It is a case of tapetão because, annulling the result of a lawsuit more than three years after its completion, it takes water to the convict’s mill. That’s all a ruler threatened with reelection needs. He is left with the argument that he was elected by 50 million people and removed three years later by the majority of a collegiate of seven sages. For Bolsonaro, this would be a dream scenario.

At this point, Jair Bolsonaro could be removed from the presidency by Congress, through an impeachment process. If there is a lack of support for this, be patient. There remains the slick and limpid alternative of next year’s election.

The TSE has already gone through a similar experience in 2017, when it judged the revocation process of the Dilma Rousseff-Michel Temer ticket. The lady had already been deposed by Congress, the deputy occupied her seat, and the court rejected the request. There was an unnecessary tension.

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All the trouble Bolsonaro fed the Judiciary stems from the premise that he is trying to invade the Executive’s powers. The removal of the plate would be an icing on this cake.

The question remains what could be done to defuse the time bomb. This only the TSE ministers will be able to know. In the case of the recall of the Dilma-Temer ticket, they followed a path that resulted in the joke according to which the duo was acquitted for excessive evidence.

One of the pillars of the accusations against Bolsonaro is the exposure of the abundant use of false news during the 2018 campaign. In this sense, now the TSE itself has armed itself to prevent this plague from contaminating next year’s election. Three years ago, false news was a national production. From the carriage ride, it is clear that the recipe promises to be repeated next year, with the aggravation of internationalization.

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When Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s guru, said that Lula “is the most dangerous leftist in the world” he signaled what might lie ahead.

Last January, the same Bannon promised to “destroy Joe Biden’s presidency in the cradle.” He was referring to the setup that resulted in the invasion of the Capitol on 6 January. There, these things do not mold in the Judiciary. The gang that armed the insurrection is answering for their crimes and many of them have already admitted their guilt and are just waiting for the judges’ sentences.

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