The largest Finnish board game project ever comes true: Max Wikström’s dream received crowdfunding EUR 241,383 | Yle news

An international team of twenty people has participated in the design of the Finnish board game Agemonia, which is set in a fantasy world.

Storytelling board games like Agemony are now popular in the world, where different gameplay forms a single story. That’s why there have to be a lot of cards and other components in the game. Photo: Jeremy Salinas

The Finnish Agemonia board game has raised crowdfunding well above expectations. The goal of the fundraiser, which started in Kickstarter in September, was 100,000 euros, but the crowdfunding closed today (you switch to another service) eventually generated € 241,383.

The game was designed by an Espoo resident Max Wikström, 50, says that Agemonia is a dream that has passed through life.

– Makes life so interesting that now you can do it with permission. Now the game begins.

Wikström is preparing to release the game full time. Until now, board games have been a hobby, as he has earned his living in the theater as a lighting designer.

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Agemony has been characterized (you switch to another service) the largest Finnish board game project ever. The game has been designed by an international team of about twenty people. The game is made in English because it is designed for the international market.

Agemonia is for 1-4 players. It is a combination of a table role-playing game and a regular board game. The game will have an estimated over 80 hours of playable content.

– The story transport element is a role-playing game, but no one needs to act as a game director. Different mechanics and cards introduce the game. The choices made during the game affect what the end of the game is like, says Wikström. publishes the game

The game takes place in a fantasy world developed by Wikström for twenty years, where there are no people. There is magic in the world and its own laws of nature.

Author Mike Pohjola has contributed to deepening the game world. Twenty pages of background stories have been written for the characters in the game, from which audio books have been made to be listened to online.

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Max Wikström has been the game director of a group of friends in role-playing games for twenty years. It has been, he said, a good preparation for creating your own game. Photo: Leena Pöysti

The package also includes an app with audio and music that adds an atmosphere to the game.

2,176 people from around the world participated in the crowdfunding. Funders will get their own board game for Christmas 2022. After that, it will go on sale at some point in 2023.

Depending on the level of equipment, the game cost the participants in the crowdfunding about 99-200 euros without VAT. In the more expensive version, among other things, the coins used in the game are available in metal.

The publisher of the game is the Finnish, which has published the popular Carcassone board game in Finnish, for example. The company has also previously released games for the international market such as the space-themed Eclipse (you switch to another service)board game.

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Time will tell how popular Agemonia will become. Before that, the game must be finalized for sale.

– The small entries I made in the notebooks have now taken shape. Yes, this feels great when you get to make a dream come true.

You can discuss the subject until Wednesday, 29 September 2021 at 23:00.

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