The imprisonment of the ex-deputy director of the bear group was reduced to more than two years: he received bribes of EUR 140 00 – some from his own employer | Yle news

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The ex-deputy director cheated more than 46,000 euros from the Helsinki Police Department together with the executive director of the company that sold products to the department and accepted bribes of 95,000 euros. The Court of Appeal reduced the man’s two-and-a-half-year prison sentence to three months.

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The Helsinki Court of Appeal has ruled in a fraud case against a former deputy director of a police bear group and a director who sold products to the police.Police

The Helsinki Court of Appeal has sentenced the ex-deputy director of the Helsinki Police Bear Group to two years and three months’ imprisonment for, among other things, aggravated fraud against a police station, aggravated bribery and aggravated official crime.

The manager and owner of the security equipment company Finnrappel, which sold products to the police, was also sentenced to two years and one month in prison for, among other things, gross fraud and gross bribery.

Finnarappel sold its products to police departments, the Border Guard, Customs and private individuals, among others. One of the customers was also the police preparedness unit under the Helsinki Police Department, known as the bear group.

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The ex-deputy director had a dual role

Served as chief constable in the bear group Timo Olavi Lillqvist handed over Finnrappel to a manager Olli Tapio Salolle information on the tenders of other tenderers. This gave the company an advantage in the competition.

The Court of Appeal, like the District Court, assessed that the ex-deputy director played a central and independent role in the procurement of equipment for the emergency unit. Crimes were committed by taking advantage of a special trust based on a man’s responsible position.

The ex-deputy director made procurement reports, requested offers, placed approved orders and checked the deliveries of goods from Finnrappel. At the same time, the Deputy Director acted as a liaison between the contingency unit and Finnrappel.

The Court of Appeal drastically reduced the losses of the police department

The District Court previously estimated that the Helsinki Police Department was invoiced with more than 151,000 euros in invoices that did not correspond to the facts. According to the Court of Appeal, there was considerable doubt as to the amount.

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The Court of Appeal found that the convicts erred in making invoices made between December 2005 and January 2012 to the police department to pay undue payments to the company’s account for overpriced and dysfunctional products totaling more than 46,000 euros.

According to the Court of Appeal, Finnrappel paid bribes to the ex-deputy director of almost 141,000 euros. Of this, EUR 46,000 came from undue bills paid by the Helsinki Police Department. In addition, the ex-deputy director received almost 95,000 euros in bribes from the company.

The Court of Appeal considers that the crimes show great guilt and seriously jeopardize confidence in the proper conduct of office.

For a long time, the penalties were reduced

The Court of Appeal reduced the sentences imposed by the district court by three months because of the considerable length of time that had elapsed since the crimes were committed. It has been 6 to 10 years since the crimes were committed by the Court of Appeal.

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According to the Court of Appeal, a penalty in accordance with established practice would lead to an unreasonable outcome in this case.

The penalties were not reasonable due to the length of the trial. The trial has lasted more than six years from the first interrogations until the judgment of the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal considers that the trial has not taken an exceptionally long time.

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