The electricity company Fi-Nergyn and 365 Purchasing customers are urged to change their electricity seller urgently – electricity distribution coming to an end in the near future | Yle news

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The Finnish Energy Agency urges customers of two different electricity companies, Fi-Nergy and 365 Hankinta, to change their electricity sellers without delay. These companies lack balance sheet managers.

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The Energy Agency is urging the customers of two electricity companies, Fi-Nergy Voima and 365 Hankin, to change their electricity sellers.

According to the Energy Agency, neither of the electricity companies can continue to supply electricity to their customers because the companies lack a balance sheet manager. Electricity market legislation requires the electricity seller to have a balance sheet manager.

The Energy Agency urges customers to conclude a new contract with a new electricity seller as soon as possible.

However, the distribution of electricity from the customers of Fi-Nergy Voima or 365 Hankinta will not be cut off immediately, but only after a certain period of time.

– The network companies will send their customers a notice of the interruption of electricity distribution and will ensure the continuation of electricity supply to consumer customers for at least three weeks after sending the notice, the Finnish Energy Agency states in its release.

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The Energy Agency recalls, however, that the continuation of electricity distribution requires that customers themselves enter into an agreement with a new electricity seller. Preferably without delay. The Energy Agency has compiled instructions for the companies’ customers on its website (you switch to another service).

Fi-Nergy has been in the headlines since the beginning of the year, when it became clear that the company will not reimburse its customers for prepayment equalization. The Market Court has also imposed a penalty payment on the company.

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