Tasso abandons PSDB national caucuses to support Leite contra Doria – 09/28/2021 – Power

In a move expected by PSDB members, senator Tasso Jereissati (CE) will give up his pre-candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic to support Governor Eduardo Leite (RS) in the party’s caucuses. The two will make the announcement together this Tuesday afternoon (28), in Brasília.

The tucanas previews, scheduled for November 21, are concentrated in Leite and in Governor João Doria (SP), both are campaigning for the states and are in a tight race so far. Former Manaus mayor Arthur Vírgilio is also a pre-candidate, but he has fewer chances and, in the view of toucans, he can give up before the end.

Although Tasso had signed up for the caucuses last week, his withdrawal was taken for granted. He and Leite are longtime allies and have been discussing strategies together in the caucuses.

The senator was encouraged by party wings to run because he was considered a consensus name, but health issues weighed against him. At 72, Tasso did not travel to campaign in the caucuses and maintained his social isolation in Fortaleza.

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With Tasso’s support, Leite grows in Ceará and other states in the Northeast, in addition to conquering Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and Minas Gerais. Doria, in turn, is the favorite in São Paulo, the state with the largest number of members of Congress and PSDB members. It also closed support from Tocantins, Distrito Federal and Pará.

The dispute between Leite and Doria takes place in the field of the so-called third way, which brings together parties against Jair Bolsonaro (no party) and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). When enrolling in the caucuses, the Paulista opted for direct attacks on the PT and veiled criticisms of Bolsonaro.

Leite, on the other hand, stated that he did not want to foster polarization and adopted a moderate tone, although he also criticized the PT and the president.

The scenario of tight competition between them is reflected in this month’s Datafolha survey. Both Doria and Leite scored 4% of voting intentions – far behind Lula (with 44%) and Bolsonaro (with 26%). In varied scenarios, Doria reaches 6%.

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The Gaucho, who is less known to the population, has an advantage in the rejection rate, which is 18%, against 37% for Doria.

In April, Tasso, who was PSDB president and Cerá governor for three terms, was even described by tucano leaders as Brazilian Biden, in a reference to American president Joe Biden. The idea was that, as the party’s candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, he would gather support from the left and the right, combining experience and a progressive vision.

On the part of Doria’s allies, however, Tasso’s actual candidacy and his willingness to run were always discredited. The governor even announced, last month, on the Roda Viva program, that Tasso had already given up — the advance of the signal caused discomfort in the party.

In the PSDB, the assessment is that Leite has greater sympathy among party members, but Doria has reduced the disadvantage by working more intensely than her opponent in an internal campaign to overcome rejection.

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In addition, the São Paulo native has the structure and weight of the Palácio dos Bandeirantes machine in his favor. On the other hand, Leite is pointed out as having the greatest capacity to unite allied parties, while Doria could lead the PSDB into isolation.


Electoral college of four groups, with 25% of weight each

  1. affiliates
  2. mayors and deputy mayors
  3. councilors, state and district representatives
  4. governors, vice-governors, federal deputies, senators, former PSDB presidents and the current


  • 20.set – candidate registration
  • 18.out – start of debates
  • 21.nov – first round
  • 28.nov – second round​