Research sees Brazil lagging behind in the pandemic, gripped by fear – 06/11/2021 – Market

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The vast majority of Brazilians (90%) say they are still “thinking like the pandemic”, against 65% of Germans, 56% of Americans and 35% of Chinese. And 78% of Brazilians are already worried about another pandemic on the way, worse than the Covid-19 one.

That’s what raised global communications agency Edelman in May for a special report called Mundo em Trauma. He heard 16,800 people from 14 countries (in addition to those mentioned, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Canada, South Korea, UAE, France, India, Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom).

“This aspect, above all, of Brazil leading this ‘I’m still thinking about the pandemic’, reinforces what we see in practice: the disparity between a world that is starting to resume life and a Brazil immersed in the crisis, with this amount of people dying,” says Ana Julião, general manager of Edelman Brasil.

“It reinforces that we belong to a group of countries that are lagging behind, in all dimensions,” he adds.

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As a result, even Brazilians who have already been vaccinated twice are reluctant to go back to routine, away from home: only 10% say they are safe to allow their children to return to school; 11% say they are safe to use public transport; and 31% of returning to the workplace.

In the same direction, only 17% of Brazilians interviewed said they were safe to eat indoors outside the home, such as restaurants; 21% of staying in hotels; and 24%, from resuming air travel.

“The issue of new strains, India, is increasing fear,” says Ana Julião. “What we’ve seen in our research over the months since the pandemic began is an increase in fear. The more fear you are now, the less confidence you have in the future.”

The survey raised the expectations of Brazilians regarding the side effects of the pandemic, reaching a situation that it called a “double crisis of mental health and unemployment”.

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For 69%, the worsening of mental health problems will be among the worst effects of the pandemic in the country. For 68%, it will be the family having to deal with homelessness and financial ruin. For 62%, young people facing educational gap. For 57%, the loss of jobs that will never be resumed.​