On World Toilet Day: These things do not belong in the toilet

A few of us now should admit: From time to time we’re simply too lazy to stroll from the toilet to the trash can. With regards to small issues like contact lenses, make-up removing wipes or hair, the thought usually wins out: “It’s so little, it sure doesn’t do anything to the drain.”

In truth, these moments while you give in to your internal weaker self may cause main issues within the sewage remedy plant. As a result of the onerous reality is: Solely massive and small enterprise and bathroom paper belong in the bathroom. All the pieces else has nothing to do with it.

Along with these three issues, different issues are sometimes thrown in the bathroom that truly do not belong there.

Hygiene merchandise

Hygiene merchandise equivalent to make-up removing or child wipes, tampons, sanitary towels and cotton swabs are sometimes flushed down the bathroom. “It’s almost the same as toilet paper,” you inform your self.

Nevertheless, a few of these merchandise are constituted of plastic fibers that can’t be damaged down within the sewage remedy plant. They clump collectively and block the sewer pipe.