Neymar backs away too much to take the ball to his teammates – 09/28/2021 – Tostão

​The world and football are, at times, strange. This week, on TV, I saw Cruzeiro, with a green shirt, lose, at Independência, to CSA, with a blue shirt. When the team from Alagoas scored the winning goal by 2-1, at the moment of the move, without thinking, I got confused and celebrated as if it were a goal by Cruzeiro. Immediately, I saw the mistake, the faulty act.

Brazilian football is evolving. Journalist Carlos Eduardo Mansur, one of the commentators I follow in the newspapers and on television, says that, in addition to some clubs with great investment and that formed great teams, such as Flamengo, Atlético-MG and Palmeiras, there are others, with less national prestige, who grew up on and off the field, such as Fortaleza, Bragantino, Athletico and others. What happened to Bahia, which was doing very well in previous years, but which is doing badly at the Brazilian Nationals?

This Wednesday (29), against Barcelona de Guayaquil, Flamengo has every chance of reaching the Libertadores final. Flamengo almost always scores at least one goal, which would force the opponent to score four. As Barcelona is a team that also creates many scoring chances, as happened at Maracanã, nothing has been decided. The danger exists.

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Corinthians, with the four reinforcements, greatly improved the quality. Róger Guedes and Willian have everything to shine intensely at the Brazilian Nationals, as they are fast, dribblers and finish well. Guedes is neither a striker nor a center forward, he is a striker looking for the goal. Willian is a typical side player, who can attack and defend.

In midfield, Corinthians formed a quality trio, with a central midfielder (Cantillo or Gabriel), plus Giuliano and Renato Augusto, one on each side. Both have good technique and act from one intermediary to the other.

In the best moments of the selection, with Tite, in the qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup, there was also a trio, formed by Casemiro, Renato Augusto and Paulinho. The three completed each other. The trio was missed at the Worlds.

After the 2018 World Cup, Tite tried out dozens of formations, but rarely used a trio in midfield. The coach has preferred two defensive midfielders, usually Casemiro and Fred, plus a midfielder in front of the two, Paquetá, who is confused with Neymar. The coach could try a trio, with Casemiro, on the center, Gerson, on the left, and Éverton Ribeiro, on the right midfield, or Edenílson, who looks a lot like Paulinho, for his physical strength and ability to score and appear in the area to make goals.

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I repeat, for the thousandth time, that there is an ace midfielder in the national team, at the level of the best in the world in this position. This absence has several reasons. In addition to the division between the midfielders who score and the midfielders who attack, the skilled youngsters only want to play close to the area, as they are more valued. Clubs and coaches encourage this preference. In addition, Brazilian teams are very spaced, with huge distances between defenders and attackers.

Another problem with the selection is the positioning of its greatest ace, Neymar. At Santos, Barcelona and at the beginning of his career in the national team, Neymar, despite being exceptional as a guard and as a striker, stood out much more for his plays towards the goal. The teams organized to bring the ball to him. In PSG and in the current team, Neymar is another point guard, who retreats too far to take the ball to his teammates. It should be the other way around. It is necessary to help the ace.

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