Lobster for the Poor – Raw Cuisine

The acara just wanted shrimp.

All the other fish in the aquarium ate dry flaked food, but the discus didn’t give the slightest pellet to her.

To stop the cichlid’s hunger strike, my mother suggested that we give her shrimp. It worked.

Fine-tasting mites became a joke in my house – I was 12 or 13 at the time. The impact of the fish diet on the household budget was, however, negligible: he ate a few pieces a day of small shrimp, the cheapest kind.

Shrimp as food for aquarium fish is, by the way, very common. There’s even a type that you create on a separate six pack, to offer alive to pet guppys and betas.

It is brine shrimp, a genus endemic to continental salt lakes. They are tiny crustaceans, so small that an individual cannot be examined with the naked eye. As a group, they look like a cloud of water mosquitoes.

In the last century, brine shrimp eggs were sold under the name “marine kikos”, as if they would spawn tiny creatures with superior intelligence. A masterpiece of the embossing. But let’s get back to the ration.

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There are also shrimp in some cat food. Shrimp and tuna, almost a sushi barge for the pussies.

Persian cat can eat shrimp. Aquarium fish can eat shrimp. Only poor people cannot eat shrimp.

Nobody is surprised by the indignation at the photo of Wagner Moura eating shrimp at a homeless event. It’s just another tantrum of prejudice and ignorance of Brazil’s Jeca elite.

This group thinks it’s ok to give food signed by Erick Jacquin to the Pomeranian, but climbs in their shoes when a maid buys a plane ticket.

He finds it natural to celebrate financial speculation with a yellow fiberglass cow while unemployed people dig through garbage for bones.

In fact, he thinks it’s great that hunger has fried to lower the cost of manual labor. It’s okay that inflation and the exchange rate have doubled the price of wine: it’s just a hitch in the restoration of good men in Brazil, let’s drink to that.

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These people think that Bahia is the Quadrado of Trancoso and that acarajé is an exotic delicacy for festive days.

Little do these people know that the smoked, withered and shelled shrimp used in acarajé is sold by the basin at fairs in Salvador.

Shrimp is a carrion animal, coprophagous, it looks like a cockroach that spends its life swimming standing up. I don’t know why so much fetish. Because the meat is delicious perhaps?

Nothing irritates a pomeranian’s tutor more than a poor man eating well and with gusto. Hence, I think it was an insult that the meal served in the MTST occupation included shrimp.

A positive effect of the episode is the reaction against the absurd. A crowd collected donations to promote a shrimp (yes, I invented the word) in an occupation of Jardim Iguatemi, in the deep eastern zone. It will be this Sunday (21).

Is it provocation? Of course yes!

Serve lobster to the poor next time.

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