Judge who regretted that ‘having a relationship with whores’ was no longer something ‘of good reputation’ will be investigated – 29/09/2021 – Daily life

The president of the Court of Justice of Goiás (TJ-GO), Carlos França, announced this Tuesday (28) that he will forward the case of judge Thiago Brandão Boghi to the State Internal Affairs Office.

As revealed by sheet, the magistrate stated in a decision published on Monday (27), that, in his time, “a man relating to ‘whores’ was considered a fact of good reputation, which the guy who practiced made a point of bragging and telling all friends” and lamented that times have changed.

In the same sentence, Boghi also said that former federal deputy Jean Wyllys (PT) is a darling of Rede Globo and that the left-wing legend PSOL is “the darling of the STF”.

“Although the appropriate procedural means to question judicial decisions is the appeal and the magistrate has functional independence guaranteed in article 41 of the Organic Law of the National Magistracy, the terms or words used in a judicial pronouncement potentially aggressive to public morals, persons or Powers or their representatives can lead to investigations at the administrative level to verify the presence or absence of violations of the Code of Ethics of the National Magistracy”, said judge Carlos França in a statement.

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He claimed to have received, throughout the day, “countless questions, in addition to the wide national repercussion of the sentence handed down by the judge”.

“The Presidency of the TJ-GO will forward the matter to the Inspector General of Justice, the body responsible for investigating the conduct of 1st degree magistrates”, completed França.

In the lawsuit targeted by Boghi’s decision, a man filed a criminal complaint against a woman who accused him of using drugs and “being with whores.” In his ruling, the judge stated that, in his youth, a man who had a relationship with prostitutes told his friends and “was praised for it, becoming ‘the guy in the crowd'”. “Unfortunate how times have changed! Now it became an offense! Dark times!” he wrote.

The plaintiff accused the defendant of libel, libel and defamation, stating that she had said “open this gate, I know that the X [inicial trocada] is there, and you guys are pissed off, snorting dust and using drugs” in front of his house. The plaintiff also attached a transcript of audio messages that the defendant allegedly sent to his girlfriend, accusing him of “being with whores” and “snorting dust”.

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The magistrate ruled in favor of the defendant, saying that the facts narrated did not constitute a crime.

“These sayings took place in a context in which the squatter, the girlfriend of a cousin of the plaintiff who was with him at the scene, allegedly using drugs and relating to ‘whores’, busted her boyfriend and told her friend , the plaintiff’s girlfriend,” said the judge.

Boghi also insinuates that if the case involved a woman suspected of cheating on her boyfriend, it could have ended in domestic violence. “I’m sure that if the situation were the other way around, that is, the defendant’s girlfriend supposedly having a relationship with another, he would like a friend to advise him of the situation to ‘make your arrangements’, which would certainly end not with a complaint for ‘crimes against honor’, but with a criminal action in the form of the Maria da Penha Law.”

By stating that the charge of being with prostitutes cannot be considered an injury, the magistrate said that there is a bill to regulate the profession of prostitute “presented by former federal deputy Jean Wylis —the darling of Globo— by the almighty PSOL, the darling of the STF”.

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