In the film uprising, the streets are now also being cut by poppies over the age of 45 – Some of these middle-class mothers and fathers also pay fines to arrested activists | Yle news

The international climate movement Elokapina has led mothers, fathers and grandparents to defend the planet together with young people in Finland.

Pirjo Tinat, Annamaija Hakama and Heidi Haapala have joined the Elokapina movement, which requires the Finnish government to take immediate action to stop climate change. They are all over 45 years old. Photo: Matti Myller / Yle

A 47-year-old from Helsinki Heidi Haapala has taken its first steps in climate activism since last summer. Haapala joined the international climate movement, Elokapina, i Extinction Rebellioniin, inspired by her daughter.

– She has woken me up, and through her I heard about Elokapina, Haapala says about her daughter.

The August Rebellion is a climate movement that requires the Finnish government to take immediate climate action in order to achieve so-called carbon neutrality by 2025.

Heidi Haapala joined the climate movement Elokapina inspired by her daughter. Photo: Matti Myller / Yle

Now Haapala is already going in front of the Parliament House on Mannerheimintie to block, ie cut off the street. He and other members of Elokapina demand that the Finnish government declare a climate emergency and take immediate action to reduce CO2 emissions.

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Earlier in his life, Haapala says that he only expected others to make decisions.

– I have been worried about climate change for a long time. But I have thought that as an ordinary person I can do nothing but vote. Now I feel that something more needs to be done. Not only does it stop traffic, but it stops people from thinking and getting politicians to act fast.

Haapala feels that he has a moral obligation to influence a change of direction because his generation has burdened the earth all his life.

A group of people over the age of 45 in a riot

In addition to Haapala, other people over the age of 45 have joined Elokapina in Finland in recent months.

In addition to Haapala, Yle met two of them: Annamaija Hakaman and Pirjo Tinatin. They are all educated, middle-aged and middle-income people. There is a mortgage, work, children, grandchildren, even a car, at least in part.

The Elokapina environmental movement now also has a group for people over 45 years of age. Pictured are Heidi Haapala, Annamaija Hakama and Pirjo Tinat. Photo: Matti Myller / Yle

They all say that they have been impressed with the activities of Elokapina and found a spiritual home there. They have been involved in protests recently, both in the budget negotiations of the Estate House and in the summer uprising on Mannerheimintie, as well as in various smaller rapes.

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Hakama also has his own postcard campaign: he sends a postcard every time someone talks about Elokapina in a positive tone in the media. Next on the list is the President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö, which used the word “climate emergency” at the UN General Assembly. The women thought it was awesome.

– Wonderful Sauli, welcome to the activities of people over the age of 45 right away, admire Hakama, who sends postcards.

Annamaija Hakama says she is ready to pay fines to younger protesters for the benefit of the climate. Photo: Matti Myller / Yle

Operating in a climate movement is empowering

My own children and grandchildren have been a great motivator and inspiration for women to join the movement. Women do not have any old career as an activist if participation in demonstrations from time to time is not counted.

According to women, fifty people have recently attended meetings with people over the age of 45, with more to be heard coming.

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– I am involved because the action is direct and still completely non-violent, the disturbances are reasonable, Pirjo Tinat says.

Pirjo Tinat also says that she has thought about what kind of earth she will leave for her children. He is involved in the Elokapina movement. Photo: Matti Myller / Yle

– I am involved in ensuring that future generations have a viable planet. I have four grandchildren. They are a terribly big reason and motive for this activity, Annamaija Hakama says.

However, none of these women are ready for civil disobedience because of their careers. They will leave the scene if the police so order. Other persons remain to be apprehended.

Hakama says, however, that he is willing to pay the fines of others. Last summer, for example, he paid the fines of three young people arrested by police.

– I think financially so stupidly or sensibly that I myself should not get caught on the street, because with that fine I might pay fines for five to six students. Six police car laptops make more distortion than one middle-aged grandma.

According to Pirjo Tinat, Annamaija Hakama and Heidi Haapala, the August Rebellion has empowered them and brought meaning to life. Photo: Matti Myller / Yle

Joining the film rebellion has been empowering for women. Heidi Haapala feels that she is now living more in accordance with her values, and working towards a common future brings a good mood. Pirjo Tinatin agrees, and hobbies do not replace the feeling of participation. Annamaija Hakama summarizes her thoughts as a journalist and author, Minna Canthin words.

Everything but half-dead life. A spiritual home has been found here.

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