In the discount hall, the position of shop stewards is distorted – PAM does not accept the chain’s intention to give up store-specific shop stewards | Yle news

In the future, the employees of the chain will be represented by one chief shop steward, now there are 29 employee representatives sitting at the negotiating table.

A discount store in Pietarsaari. Stock image. Photo: YLE / Chanette Härus

The Kokkola-based Halpahalli chain intends to abolish the store-specific shop steward system.

The employer has had 29 shop stewards as negotiators, now a chain of more than 1,300 employees plans to move to a single chief shop steward system.

The service industry union PAM condemns the intention (you switch to another service) and sees it as undermining employee empowerment and dismantling the shop steward system. According to PAM, employees would like to maintain a house-by-house system.

The discount hall, on the other hand, believes that co-operation with employees will be facilitated. According to the company, the dialogue has been difficult because there have been so many shop stewards.

According to Halpahalli, the model presented by the company also guarantees fair and equal quality shop steward services for everyone, now there are eight outlets without a shop steward.

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According to a PAM survey conducted by the company in the spring, 90 percent of employees were in favor of continuing the current system. The company, for its part, says in its press release that staff have received positive feedback on the reform, but understand that not everyone is happy with the reform. Chief Human Resources Officer Janne Syri does not wish to comment further on the bulletin.

PAM suspects that the transition to the new system will take place as employees have become more active in recent years. Until a couple of years ago, there were only 16 trustees.

Halpahalli presented a new system to PAM a year ago, the topic was last discussed this month. According to PAM, the company today informed the shop stewards of the termination of the shop steward system. The scheme would end at the end of the year.