Human error, climate or plane points?

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Are most aviation accidents brought on by human error, structural points or climate? By the best way, you’re one in all my favourite investigators! And the place is MH380 (the Malaysia Airways flight that mysteriously vanished in 2014)? 

– #planecrashgeek, North Carolina

Practically all plane accidents are trigger by a number of contributing elements. There’s nearly by no means a single, easy trigger. Human elements are contributing or causal in most accidents. This may be pilots, designers, controllers, mechanics or operator administration.

Through the years, plane have grow to be extra dependable, better-designed and maintained. A structural failure accident is so uncommon that I can’t consider one in current occasions.

Climate can actually contribute to accidents, however pilots can deviate round thunderstorms, fly to an alternate airport or elect to not fly in sure climate (equivalent to freezing rain), so it is laborious to say that climate “causes” an accident. Nonetheless, climate situations could make flying or touchdown way more difficult.

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Ask the Captain:Can turbulence alone trigger a aircraft to crash?

Thanks for the sort phrases. My objective is to be taught as a lot as we are able to from accidents to stop a reoccurrence.