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The voice of big cities has strengthened a lot in recent years. Their population already covers a large part of Finns, says the university lecturer Jenni Airaksinen From the University of Tampere. He has delved into municipal and regional management.

Due to growth, cities have become significant factors. Airaksinen believes that the time of similar municipalities may be changing. Big cities network and gain visibility and influence, for example through mayors.

The magnitude is reflected in local politics. Many young people live in cities, which contributes to the success of the Greens. At the same time, the size is reflected in the competition between the candidates. The votes of relatives or friends are not enough to be elected.

– In cities, a lot of hard-class experts are selected for the council.

According to Airaksinen, it is worth monitoring the results of big cities on election day.

– What is the balance between the Greens and the basic Finns, does the condition of the Coalition Party last, and what does the Coalition-Demars do on city arms councils in city councils?

Yle Tampere asked the chairmen of the Basic Finns, the Coalition Party, the Greens and the SDP how important success is in cities.

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Riikka Purra, Vice President of Basic Finns, visited Yle's Ykkösaamu on 8 May.

Riikka Purra, the deputy chairman of Basic Finns, sees the municipal elections as an opportunity for voters to show their opinions on the work of the government.Silja Viitala / Yle

Basic Finns expect strong overall support

Basic Finns will be beaten big in some cities in Sunday’s municipal elections. According to opinion polls, the party’s support is on the rise in Tampere, for example (you switch to another service) and Helsinki (you switch to another service).

If the predictions come true, a lot of new names will come to the councils.

Vice-Chairman of Basic Finns Riikka Purra According to him, Tampere and other large cities are of great importance to the party, above all because of the scale.

– Large cities affect total support due to population.

Total support figures may also be reflected in national politics. Purra estimates that if the governing parties lose in the municipal elections, it will begin to show up as a crackdown on government cooperation.

– If one party in the government dives, it has implications for action at the national level.

Samlingspartiet's chairman Petteri Orpo goes to Yles Studiohus in Böle.

The chairman of the Coalition Party, Petteri Orpo, wants the Coalition Mayor of Turku.Magazine image

The Coalition Party wants to defeat the SDP in Tampere

Chairman of the Coalition Party Petteri Orpo estimates that in the municipal elections, voters protested against the government.

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– I believe that the ruling parties suffered a large loss. It is a message that we want to change the direction of Finland. No provincial taxes, no borrowing, but opportunities for entrepreneurship and responsible financial management.

The Coalition has traditionally been strong in cities.

– We have invested a lot in urban policy and election work in cities. Cities are the engines of growth and are home to a large proportion of Finns.

Orpo excites the mayoral competitions of Turku and Tampere.

– Tampere is the prime minister Sanna Marinin (sd.) hometown. A special still life with a lot of tension. Polls have been promising to us.

The Greens' chairman Maria Ohisalo photographed outside.  She is wearing a red dress and a cloth bag with Pride colors.  She waves to the camera.

Maria Ohisalo, the chairman of the Greens, sees the party addressing young people through talking about study and mental health issues.Magazine image

The Greens criticized the debate

The success of the Greens is based on cities, and support measures predict a steadily certain success for the party.

In Helsinki, the party is struggling for first place, and in Turku and Tampere, the Greens are at the forefront.

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– Tampere is one of the big cities and a growing one, which is very important, says the chairman of the Greens, the Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo.

According to Ohisalo, the municipal elections have been held with too big themes. At the same time, one particularly big theme, climate change, or at least its municipality-specific effects, has been left too little in the discussion in Ohisalo’s opinion.

– Non-Greens have only talked about it in the face of compulsion. There’s nothing in it, yes we’ll take care of it. It would just be nice to have other parties involved.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SDP) on her way to Yles Studiohus for election debate.  She smiles and is wearing a red dress.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin believes in the success of the SDP in her hometown of Tampere. Magazine image

The SDP can expect a loss

The SDP may be one of the losers in these elections. According to polls, the party is losing its overall support, and the mayor’s place in the prime minister’s home communities could be threatened.

The chairman of the SDP, Prime Minister Sanna Marin, is calm about the support measures. He is awaiting Sunday’s election results.

– Of course, my own hometown is especially relevant to me.

Opposition parties believe that the poor performance of government parties in municipal elections would also be reflected in government cooperation. Marin is on different lines.

– National policy is made on the basis of the results of parliamentary elections and local policy on the basis of the results of municipal elections.

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