Drink-drivers warned: ‘Don’t be a egocentric prick’

Police make no apologies for the tough language utilized in an aggressive marketing campaign launched in the present day focusing on drink-drivers.

South Australia Police make “no apologies” for an aggressive and blunt new marketing campaign to discourage drink-driving.

The hard-hitting Drink Drivers are Egocentric Pricks marketing campaign was launched on Friday and would seem on TV, radio, print, digital and outside platforms.

It goals to warn motorists of the hazards of driving whereas beneath the affect and particularly targets males aged 20-40 years.

Assistant Commissioner Ian Parrott stated the marketing campaign was intentionally designed to be “confronting” to influence those that, after a long time of promoting, aren’t “hearing the warnings” surrounding drink-driving.

He stated market analysis indicated the goal group continued to drink-drive for their very own self-interest.

“They don’t want to leave their car at the pub or a friend’s place. They don’t want to sleep in the couch. They want to spend a few more dollars on drinks or beers rather than pay for a ride home,” Mr Parrott stated.

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“The message is clear: Don’t be a selfish prick and drink-drive. Take responsibility for your actions.

“We make no apologies for the aggressive nature of this campaign. It’s specifically designed to start conversations and start people thinking, particularly the target audience, about their behaviours.”

He stated utilizing the phrase “prick” would resonate with the audience as a result of it was not unusual for it for use throughout the cohort’s dialog.

Mr Parrott warned “irresponsible” drivers who continued to drink-drive can be caught.

“You’re lucky if you get caught … (because) you could end up in hospital, in a rehabilitation facility for months or years or require long-term care.

“It is absolutely frustrating that over 25,500 people in the past five years have been caught drink-driving. This is why we continue to refresh our marketing campaigns.”

Police and Emergency Providers Minister Vincent Tarzia stated it was “unfortunate” the messaging round drink-driving wanted to be extra confronting and tougher for some.

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“If you drink and drive, this is where you could end up: in a morgue cold and alone,” he informed reporters.

“The consequences are very serious.

“This carnage on our roads has got to stop. It is preventable and is avoidable but we all have to do our bit.”

Previously 5 years, almost 15 per cent of highway fatalities and 123 severe accidents had been brought on by drink-driving.

There have been 17 folks killed in 2020 alone due to folks ingesting and getting behind the wheel.

SA Police are working a drink and drug-driving blitz over the weekend throughout the state.