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A demonstration will be held in Kotka on behalf of the dismissed city gardener. Marko Pesu, who started in the position at the beginning of the year, was terminated on probation. According to the city, his work did not meet the requirements and expectations set for the job.

Kotka City Hall.

The demonstration is planned to take place in the middle of the Kotka market square on Sunday at 6 pm. Stock photo.Second Light / General

A demonstration by a city gardener is planned in Kotka Marko Pesun due to the dismissal and for a better personnel policy of the City of Kotka.

The demonstration will take place on Sunday evening at 6 pm at Kotka Market Square. Each participant can take a small stone to the middle of Kotka Market Square.

First, the stones were to be brought to the lower steps of Kotka City Hall. However, the Kotka City Hall is voting for the municipal elections on Sunday until 8 p.m. Due to the feedback, the organizer decided to change seats for security reasons and election peace.

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Organizer of the demonstration Heljä Halinen says on Facebook (you switch to another service)that this is a small peaceful gesture in favor of a more transparent personnel policy in Kotka.

– Management is a responsible service task, he writes in the publication.

Participants in the protest are asked to pick up the stones no later than Monday after the end of office.

Fast departure

The city of Kotka terminated the employment of city gardener Marko Pesu on Thursday. The reason for the dismissal was that the work input of the new city gardener did not meet the requirements and expectations set for the job.

On Thursday, the city held a hearing on the termination of the Wash employment relationship.

In the invitation to the hearing, it was said that the city gardener has lacked an overall view of the planning of the park activity and the drawing of the planning team. He also did not know enough to use the computer programs needed for design.

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Kotka city gardener Marko Pesu in the beech forest.

Kotka City Gardener Marko Pesu was fired before the end of the six-month probationary period. Stock image.Mårten Lampén / Yle

After the hearing, the city gardener returned to continue his duties. About an hour later, the city announced in a public announcement that it was terminating its employment with Wash.

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Marko Pesu was hired as a city gardener in Kotka when Heikki Laaksonen, who designed several award-winning parks, retired.

Washing began in office earlier this year. He had a six-month probationary period under the employment contract at the time of the dismissal, during which the employment contract could be terminated without particularly serious reason and without notice.