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Straight from the Dwayne Carey assortment is that this uncommon magnificence.

An unopened Deep Cove beer can from the 1960’s.

These cans of beer have been made for the employees constructing the Manapouri Energy Station within the 1960’s.

Work on the facility plant started in August 1963 and lasted till September 1971. The climate within the space can create troublesome dwelling situations, so a novel base camp was established for the employees at a spot referred to as Deep Cove on the high of a fiord on the west coast of the south island. An ageing luxurious liner named the “Wanganella” was bought by the contractors and moored alongside the wharf to behave as a floating dormitory for the employees on the southern part of the challenge. On the identical time a camp was established on the West Arm of Lake Manapouri on the northern finish of the challenge. The bottom camps had to supply some recreation amenities for the employees, together with meals and beverage. Consequently numerous sorts of beers have been obtainable within the canteens, each on the Wanganella at Deep Cove and within the camp at West Arm. A lot of the beer got here as draught beer in kegs. Nonetheless, they quickly found that canned beer was extra acceptable for the realm as a result of it was troublesome to ship and retailer barrels of draught beer. Bottled beer was not allowed at Deep Cove. The contractors feared that vacant bottles floating within the fiord have been a hazard to the ocean planes essential to ferry individuals out and in of the challenge space. Floating objects might severe harm the planes’ floats. Apparently additionally they felt that cans made awful weapons in a bar battle, ought to some bored and inebriated employees get into an argument. You’ll be able to’t smash a can on a bar and use it as a jagged weapon!

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I’m so glad this good situation one survived and ended up in my assortment.

Dwayne Carey.