CPI sees the link between Medical Councils and Prevent and a parallel cabinet in the adoption of the ‘Covid kit’ – 28/09/2021 – Power

Covid’s CPI senators pointed out that the testimony of lawyer Bruna Morato, who represents doctors who denounced irregularities of Prevent Senior, made clear the operator’s connection with the Federal and Regional Councils of Medicine and with the parallel office in the adoption of the “Covid kit” , drugs without efficacy against the disease.

Committee members approved this Tuesday (28) a request in which they ask the Attorneys in São Paulo and DF, in addition to the Federal Police, to investigate possible omission of advice in the Prevent case. These councils have previously entered the CPI’s radar for not taking a more definitive position in relation to early treatment and for using social networks to criticize the collegiate.

Morato, who claims to represent 12 Prevent doctors, told the CPI on Wednesday that his customers were afraid to report irregularities in the operator, as there was a strong close relationship between the company and the Medical Councils. The group represented by the lawyer prepared a dossier forwarded to the commission with complaints against the company.

Morato also pointed out that there was a “pact” between the operator and the so-called parallel cabinet, composed of doctors who advised President Jair Bolsonaro and encouraged the use of the “Covid kit”.

One of the objectives of this alignment, according to her, would be the elaboration of a strategy to avoid the closing of the economy during the pandemic, using early treatment as “hope” for the population.

In a revelation that caught the attention of senators, the lawyer mentioned that the parallel cabinet acted in consonance with the Ministry of Economy, which defended the strategy.

Prevent Senior entered the CPI’s radar after receiving the dossier from Prevent’s doctors, which reported that hospitals in the network were used as “laboratories” for studies with drugs without proven efficacy for the treatment of Covid-19, such as hydroxychloroquine. The patients’ families would not be informed that they would receive these medications.

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The lawyer was repeatedly questioned by the government official Marcos Rogério (DEM-RO) about the names of the 12 doctors he represents and who would have made the accusations. However, she claimed professional secrecy and refused to hand over the identities.

Rogério then pointed out that Morato appeared at the deposition as a witness and not as a defender, and therefore had to answer questions and reveal the names.

Initially, the CPI and the defense itself had informed that 15 doctors had filed the complaints contained in the dossier and not just the 12 that the lawyer claims to represent.

Morato was also asked by the senators about why the doctors did not forward the complaints to the Medical Councils, so that the irregularities could be investigated and those responsible punished.

“These doctors received information that the Federal Council of Medicine and that Cremesp, from São Paulo, that is, the Regional Council of Medicine of São Paulo, would have a relationship with the company, so they were very afraid to take these complaints to Cremesp”, said the lawyer.

Morato indicated in his testimony a strong connection between the operator and the Bolsonaro government, through the so-called parallel cabinet. According to her, the direction of Prevent Senior sought to approach the Ministry of Health, after a series of criticisms by then minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta. The attempt was made by a relative of Mandetta, but the relationship did not progress.

The directors then learned of a group advising the government, in connection with the Ministry of Economy.

“What they explained to me was the following: there is an interest from the Ministry of Economy for the country not to stop, and if we enter into this lockdown system, we would have a very big economic shock, and then there was a plan to that people could take to the streets without fear,” Morato said.

“They developed a strategy. What was this strategy? Through the advice of doctors,” said the lawyer.

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“These doctors I can also name nominally, because I was given this explanation: Dr. Anthony Wong, toxicologist responsible for developing a non-toxic drug set; Dr. Nise Yamaguchi, specialist in immunology, who should disseminate information about the immune response of people; the virologist Paolo Zanotto, so that he could talk about the virus and deal with this situation in a more comprehensive way, evoking news. And Prevent Senior would come in to collaborate with these people. It’s like an exchange, the which we call in the denunciation a pact, because I was told that”, she added.

It would therefore be up to Prevent Senior to provide positive information about early treatment, indicating that drugs such as azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine have been successful in treating Covid-19. The operator then established a protocol with the “Covid kit”, without patients and family members being informed.

One of the practices adopted would be to deliver generic consent terms, without detailing how the treatment would be. The lawyer describes that the patients were guinea pigs.

“They would say to the patient: ‘Look, you are going to undergo a very effective, new treatment. If you want to participate in this treatment, you need to give an OK’. And they gave that OK, but they’re part of a vulnerable population. They didn’t know they would be made from guinea pigs. They just knew they were going to receive a medication,” he said.

The lawyer said that the kits with the medications were already unopened, with a ready-made prescription. Therefore, there was no autonomy for doctors not to indicate this treatment. Those who refused were fired.

“It got to such an unfortunate point that this kit consisted of eight items. And then the doctors, at least in the explanation they gave me, the physicians on duty took the kit, handed it to the patient and said to the patient: ‘Look, I need to give it to you, because if I don’t give you this kit, I can be fired. But I advise you that, if you are going to take something from here, take only the proteins or just the vitamins, because the others, in addition to not being effective, are very dangerous’”, he said.

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Morato also corroborated previous claims that the use of early treatment would be to reduce costs. She cited that Prevent Senior did not have the necessary ICU beds to face the pandemic.

“The text messages sent and made available to the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission show that Prevent Senior did not have the necessary number of ICU beds and that, therefore, it advised that early treatment be done,” she said.

The lawyer also confirmed that she had heard from her clients that there was a protocol for changing the patients’ diagnosis code, so that Covid-19 could be removed from medical records after certain days of hospitalization.

She also cited the case of physician Anthony Wong, who died of Covid, according to data from her medical record, although the death certificate does not mention the disease. The lawyer pointed out a situation in which the doctor’s hospitalization could expose other patients to risk, since he was placed in an area for patients without Covid.

“In the case of Dr. Anthony Wong, the number of publications referring to hospitalization was vast, saying it was gastrointestinal bleeding, and, in the case of death, saying it was septic shock. In fact, he also had septic shock, but it was pulmonary, as a result of Covid-19, which should have been properly placed on his death certificate for it to be included on the death certificate,” he said.

“Dr. Anthony Wong was admitted to the unit that is called the Itaim unit, a non-Covid unit, usually for cardiac patients, which means that he was admitted with Covid-19 in an ICU where there were other patients with other comorbidities,” said Morato .