Commentary: Having a pet is not all sunshine and rainbows, it’s hard work

A giant a part of the issue is a lack of awareness and information concerning the animal’s biology, maybe strengthened by social media. It’s frequent to see many extra cute pet movies, footage and memes than depictions of harsher realities.

Some could also be misled to imagine retaining a pet is all sunshine and rainbows and procure one with out studying sufficiently about pet care, well being and behavior. We’ve seen uncared for rabbits mistakenly fed a weight loss program of primarily carrots as an alternative of hay, grass and leafy greens, resulting in digestive issues and malnutrition.

Some individuals overlook our accountability of coaching animals in a approach they perceive and tending to their well being. Others begin off attempting their greatest, however lose endurance when coaching takes longer than anticipated.

There aren’t any fast fixes. Every animal learns and develops at a distinct tempo – one canine might bathroom prepare inside days, one other may take weeks.


A pet depends totally on us for nearly all the pieces and are at our mercy. This can be a heavy accountability that ought to by no means be taken calmly or underestimated.

Some get sure canine breeds with out realising they had been traditionally bred as high-energy working canine and want plenty of train. You’re going to need to stroll a sheepdog for much longer and farther than a pug.

You’ll be able to count on a bunch of behavioural issues if there is no such thing as a appropriate outlet for the animal to expend bodily and psychological power.

If a “problem” behaviour like extreme barking develops, the period of time and power required will increase considerably. Months of laborious work might assist resolve it, typically it have to be managed for all times.