CCXP: Tickets for in-person edition in 2022 reach R$ 12 thousand – 09/28/2021 – Nerdices

São Paulo

CCXP, one of the biggest pop culture and geek events in the world, announced this Tuesday (28) the pre-sale of tickets for its next two editions, the digital version CCXP Worlds 21 and CCXP 2022, which will be held in person .

The pre-sale will start on Wednesday (29) and is exclusively for those who have a Santander bank credit card. The general public will be able to acquire their credentials or register for the digital event from October 15th.

Those who purchase the 2022 edition package will receive a Digital Experience credential for the edition that takes place at the end of this year. The 2021 event will be completely virtual and free, just like in 2020, and will take place on December 4th and 5th, promising more than 50 hours of exclusive content for the public. CCXP 2022 should take place in person, at São Paulo Expo, also in December.

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The 2022 in-person edition ticket categories are daily entry packages that include the four days, Epic Experience and Full Experience. In addition, there will also be Unlock CCXP, for professionals who work with entertainment, which will give access to lectures and meetings with names in the market.

The Full Experience and Unlock CCXP packages have a limited number of tickets, so they are not part of the pre-sale. Check the values ​​in the table:

Pre-sale: 09/29 to 10/141º Lot: 15/10 to 06/12
QuintaR$ 100R$ 130R$ 200QuintaR$ 110R$ 140R$ 220
fridayR$ 130R$ 160R$ 260fridayR$ 150R$ 180R$ 300
SaturdayR$ 200R$ 230R$ 400SaturdayR$ 220R$ 250R$ 440
SundayR$ 200R$ 230R$ 400SundayR$ 220R$ 250R$ 440
4 daysR$ 530R$ 580R$ 1.0604 daysR$ 590R$ 640R$ 1.180
EpicR$ 1.800EpicR$ 2.000
FullFullR$ 12.000
UnlockUnlockR$ 2.000
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As for the virtual edition, which takes place at the end of 2021, three types of packages were made available: Free, Digital and Home Experience. The Free mode is free and only offers access to the event platform. Digital offers access to all CCXP Worlds 2021 content and Home Experience gives, in addition to access to exclusive content, a credential and a kit with items for fans. Check prices:

Pre-sale: 09/29 to 10/14
Free ExperienceR$ 0R$ 0R$ 0
Digital ExperienceR$ 50R$ 0R$ 50
Home ExperienceR$ 50R$ 21R$ 71