Biden urges to refrain from violence – release of young man killed in riots fears unrest

The National Guard has been deployed to Wisconsin to prepare for possible riots.

In the vicinity of the Kenosha courthouse, Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawsuit was followed on Friday. Photo: EPA / TANNEN MAURY

President of the United States Joe Biden has urged people to refrain from violence Kyle Rittenhousen in the aftermath of liberalization. A 12-member jury acquitted the American youth on Friday of all charges. The court ruled that this was self-defense. The decision of the court is not subject to appeal.

Rittenhouse, who shot two people in the Kenosha riots in Wisconsin last year, was even threatened with life imprisonment. The shootings took place during a demonstration against police violence against African Americans.

Biden admitted that the decision causes concern and anger not only in himself but also in other Americans. However, he said the jury had spoken and stressed that the decision should be respected.

Biden urges everyone to express their views peacefully and within the law.

“Violence and the destruction of property are not part of our democracy,” Biden said in a statement.

The release of Rittenhouse has been feared to lead to further unrest. In addition to Biden, a prosecutor from Kenosha County, among others, has asked people to accept the decision and avoid violence, according to ABC News and CNN.

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– Although we are disappointed with the decision, it must be respected, he told news channels.

The National Guard has been deployed to Wisconsin to prepare for possible riots.

Biden said he discussed with the governor of Wisconsin Tony Eversin and provided support and assistance where necessary to ensure public safety.

The accused appealed to self-defense

Rittenhouse said he shot people with his semi-automatic rifle in self-defense after they attacked him. According to the prosecutor, Rittenhouse himself had provoked the events, so he could not have relied on self-defense.

There were large-scale riots in Kenosha in August last year after the white man was shot dead by white police several times, resulting in paralysis.

Rittenhouse had arrived in Kenosha, Wisconsin, from neighboring Illinois. In his own words, he wanted to protect the movements from robbers, the prosecutor said he came to revenge.

“The murder of our son has no responsibility”

The parents of another killed said the decision broke their hearts and left them angry.

– Today’s decision means that the murder of our son has no responsibility, they said in a statement according to ABC.

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According to them, the decision to send a message that armed civilians could show up in any city, incite violence and then use the danger it poses itself to justify shooting people on the street.

– No sane person who saw the evidence could come to the conclusion that Mr. Rittenhouse acted to defend himself, they continued.

– Mr. Rittenhouse came to Kenosha armed to kill. Kenosha police encouraged him to act violently, and our son has died as a result.

The parents also said they would continue to fight to bring not only Rittenhouse but also Kenosha police to justice.

Democrat: The system is broken

Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio called the court ‘s decision “nauseous”.

– We need stronger laws to stop violent extremism within our own country, de Blasio demanded in his tweet.

Founder of the Moms Demand Action Group Shannon Watts also condemned the recent decision on Twitter.

Watts says it paints a bad picture of the country’s legal system, how a teenager can travel across state borders to a demonstration he has had nothing to do with: shooting three people, killing two of them, and avoiding legal responsibility.

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The NAACP, a black civil rights organization, stressed that the decision does not offer justice to those who have lost their lives.

Wisconsin Democratic Congressman Gwen Moore underlined in his own tweet that the system justifying killings through his own right is deeply broken.

– We are witnessing a system that works as intended and protects those for whom it was developed, New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez instead wrote on Twitter.

Ocasio-Cortez suggests that there have been structural problems in the system from the outset that are seen to favor a certain section of the population.

Trump congratulated Rittenhouse

Republican decision-makers, for their part, have welcomed the decision.

Wisconsinilaissenaattori Ron Johnson said the trial had taken place and hoped everyone in his suite would be able to accept the decision.

The decision was also commented on by the country’s former president Donald Trump, who was president at the time of the killings in Kenosha. Trump commented on this in a press release issued by his representative Liz Harringtonin With a Twitter account.

– Congratulations to Kyle Rittenhouse on his innocence on all charges. It is called an innocent finding, Trump wrote, apparently referring to how Rittenhouse was formulated as acquitted.

– And by the way, if that is not self-defense, then nothing is, the ex-president continued.