An elected woman makes her disabled colleague cry

The emotion was at its peak on Thursday on the Lyon metropolis council. There was speak of a report on the accessibility of the town to the disabled, when Françoise Blanc spoke. The brand new interim chief of the Republicans in Lyon appeared unconvinced by the selection of the audio system appointed to work on the venture. “The participation of two associations, the Ville à Vélo and the Maison du Vélo, made me smile (…) I did not understand that we were going to be able to pedal a club-foot or a legless. No more joking, ”she mentioned with amusing.

These remarks deeply offended her colleague Audrey Hénocque, first deputy mayor of Lyon. Herself in a scenario of incapacity, the ecologist requested to talk to reply the chief LR. “These phrases shocked me extraordinarily. The whole lot you have got mentioned, Madame Blanc, reveals oppression in the direction of folks with disabilities by able-bodied folks. We name it validism. (…) Phrases like “legless” to speak about an individual who’s amputated on the high of the thighs, it is as severe as utilizing the time period “nigger” to speak about folks of shade “, the chosen one was indignant.

On the conclusion of her improvised intervention, Audrey Hénocque criticized the appropriate normally for “objectifying” folks. “Unaccompanied minors are thieves / rapists, foreigners are such and such a thing (…) I find that very shocking, you feel that I am particularly moved”, she concluded. Greeted by a standing ovation, the chosen one let loose just a few tears, experiences the Huffington Publish.

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Within the course of, Françoise Blanc provided imprecise apologies: “Madam, I would like to express all my regrets if I was able to arouse in you something that shocked you. You probably don’t know it, but I have a strong connection to the disability community. The comments I reported today do not shock the people in those circles at all. One day we will have a conversation along these lines, ”she replied.

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