Amoêdo says he sees Novo’s supporters losing sparkle in their eyes – 09/28/2021 – Panel SA

João Amoêdo, founder of the Novo party and favorite of the financial market in the 2018 elections, still does not rule out the possibility of running for president once again in 2022.

“I never like to dismiss things because we still have a long time until the election,” he said.

The statement is unusual for the moment because the businessman has just tried to return to the top of the party but did not have the necessary support given the split in the party. He had also been making claims as a pre-candidate but withdrew in June.

Still with voters on Avenida Faria Lima, the businessman says he will not disaffiliate and that he is still working to try to form a third way against Bolsonaro and Lula.

“It seems to me that this idea that they didn’t want me to return to the directory, even though, in theory, they invited me about 90 days ago to run for president, has a certain inconsistency. And it really shows that it was a candidacy that I didn’t have. the support I needed. So, I think that for Novo it seems very difficult. Let’s follow the scenario,” he says.

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The Novo crosses a series of disaffiliations, which Amoêdo attributes to the lack of clarity with which the party positions itself in relation to Bolsonaro. He urges the caption to show the voter which side he is on.

“The question we are going to follow is what will be the position of those who will be candidates for the Novo, because, in the end, the voter wants to know if the party he is voting for is against Bolsonaro or supports him. And after a thousand days of government, it is no longer possible for anyone to say that they are independent and are evaluating. There has to be a conclusion. And mine, at least, is that it is a terrible government,” says Amoêdo.

According to him, the voter and member of the Novo still does not have this question answered. “After all, is the Novo against Bolsonaro in its unity? Or is the party against it, but the leaders and candidates can have different positions? I don’t believe in an institution that doesn’t have a unity and identity in such a relevant issue”, claims.

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Amoêdo says he sees a loss of enthusiasm among people who have followed the party since its foundation, which promised to innovate in politics without the prevalence of personal interests.

“I saw a lot of people losing hope in the New, that sparkle in their eyes when they came to the party. So I thought it was timely as a founder, and having been elected back there, but having resigned, I offered to come back to help the party. reconstruction of the New, which, in my opinion, is necessary”, he says.

He also says his failed attempt to retake the lead in the acronym this week proves his critics wrong when they say Amoêdo owns the Novo. “If I actually sent it, I wouldn’t need to ask to come back. And it would be accepted immediately,” he says.

with Mariana Grazini e Andressa Motter

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