Alabama twister scenes: One man thought he was going to die and the proprietor of a gymnasium noticed the roof lifted off

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“I was like this is probably it. I’m probably dead,” Cesar Villaseñor, 22, advised CNN after he and his boss have been caught in a possible twister in Pelham.

Fourteen tornadoes have been reported in Alabama on Thursday, in response to the Nationwide Climate Service, and one in Mississippi. And authorities have reported in depth injury within the Birmingham metro space.

Thursday’s storms have to this point left 5 useless in Calhoun County, County Sheriff Matthew Wade advised CNN.

Villaseñor and his boss had been making an attempt to get to a shelter at his boss’ home after they obtained caught up within the storm.

“We were literally half a mile from his house and everything was all clear. Out of nowhere, it starts raining and I started recording — everything starts going to hell basically,” he stated. “At one point, the van was shaking really bad to the point that I thought it was like to flip over. I was just shaking. I couldn’t control my hands.”

A firefighter surveys damage after a tornado touched down in the Eagle Point community near Birmingham. Alabama.
One other resident advised CNN affiliate WVTM-TV that she watched her cousin’s residence destroyed because the twister swept by way of.

Alex McNair, proprietor of Corefit Sturdy in Pelham, Alabama, advised CNN his gymnasium was virtually destroyed by a twister.

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“The roof was lifted off, bricks were thrown through the windows of our garage doors, debris tossed inside the gym, our HVAC unit was ripped off our roof, glass thrown throughout the gym, our flooring is destroyed, along with other roof and structural damage to other parts of the building,” McNair wrote to CNN.

He stated what was most essential was that nobody was damage.

“The only thing damaged was material objects which can be replaced,” he wrote.

CNN’s Christina Zdanowicz, Judson Jones, Dakin Andone and Jamiel Lynch contributed to this report.