A good way to promote equality or overuse? Two influencers from different sides drifted into a heated debate as they discussed the cancel culture

In an interview with Marja Sannika, journalist Renaz Ebrahimi and space scientist Esko Valtaoja drifted out of word activism. The goal of both is to promote equality and a better world, but no common means were found.

According to Renaz Ebrahim, discomfort will eventually lead to equality, Esko Valtaoja believes that it is a matter of exploitation
According to Renaz Ebrahim, discomfort will eventually lead to equality, Esko Valtaoja believes that it is a matter of exploitation

Professor Emeritus of Space Astronomy Esko Valtaoja and supplier Renaz Ebrahimi are looking for ways to combat discrimination Marja Sannikan in an interview. In a heated debate, the Sovereign was of the opinion that the so-called cancel culture sometimes involves excessive exploitation that turns against itself.

– We are in danger of slipping into what I remember well from the fighting in the 1970s. The most important thing was purity, and by no means to actually do something.

Supplier Renaz Ebrahimi sees it differently. In his opinion, it is not a question of exploitation, but a person is stigmatized as evil or something else only if he does not take responsibility for what he says or does.

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– Finally, minorities also have the opportunity to talk and take space in the media and through social media. The injustices that have been accepted and considered the norm for many hundreds of years are now being raised to the wallpaper.

Ebrahim often thinks that it is a matter of privileged people feeling uncomfortable when it comes to injustice.

– I feel like we’re doing the right thing right now. We have to be sensitive and we all have to be a little uncomfortable to really get into that equal world.

The ruler believes that it is more essential than using words to focus on concrete actions to correct injustices.

– Instead of using individual words or how our hair is braided, we try to focus on what people really do, think and mean.

The debate on the meaning of words and deeds in the fight against discrimination completely inflamed the situation. Ebrahimi was shocked by Esko Valtaoja’s use of the n-word to illustrate his example of the meaning of the context of the words.

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– This is quite shocking that I am in a state like this, where a white person next to a brown person uses the n-word twice on purpose.

According to Ebrahim, in order to promote a better world, everyone should listen to others and be sensitive, as well as look critically at their own privileges and power.

For its part, the ruler further summarizes his message in order to increase equality and non-discrimination:

– More deeds and less use.

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