A finger of the opposition and the government is being waved at the film rebel – “The most annoying thing is that this is turning against what they are pushing for” | Yle news

Politicians stress that even protesters must follow police instructions and the law. The Left Alliance provides support for civil disobedience. Minister of the Interior Ohisalo will express his views on Elokapina’s operations in the mouth of the evening.

Protesters in the August Rebellion sat on Mannerheimintie last summer. The demonstration, which starts on Wednesday, will continue for 10 days on the main road in the center of Helsinki. Photo: Lehtikuva

There is no understanding among the opposition parties of the environmental movement Elokapina’s intention to protest on Mannerheimintie for ten days.

Vice-Chairman of the Coalition Party Antti Häkkänen notes that demonstrating the mind is everyone’s right, but it cannot be done anywhere.

– Other people have the right to live a normal life, go to work, kindergarten and hobbies and enjoy freedom of movement. In other words, no one has the right to unreasonably prejudice the rights of others.

Chairman of Basic Finns Riikka Purra says that Elokapina’s operations do not have reasonable civic influence.

“If the Finnish Elokapina really wanted to influence the global climate and global emissions, ie this problem itself, it would certainly cut off traffic to a country other than the one where the government is reportedly taking the most ambitious climate action in the world,” says Purra.

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Also chairman of the Christian Democrats Sari Essayah considers Elokapina’s operations to be “oversized”.

– It is not possible to think that Helsinki’s main thoroughfare will be closed for 10 days and it is also planned to stay overnight on that Mannerheimintie. For example, we have emergency vehicles that need to get there the fastest possible route.

According to Essayah, the protest of Elokapina may turn against its own goal.

– The most unfortunate thing is that this is turning against the issue itself, against the fight against climate change. I think there are a lot of people who get annoyed by this.

SDP’s Lindtman and Downtown Column resent it

Among the ruling parties, the demars and the center commented on the Elokapina project, disapproving of the importance of freedom of expression.

“There are many ways in Finland to express its opinion in other ways than by blocking the traffic on Mannerheim Road for several days, up to 10 days,” says the chairman of the SDP’s parliamentary group. Antti Lindtman.

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The August Rebellion is urging the government to declare a national climate emergency and tighten emissions reduction targets significantly.

Lindtman notes that climate change is one of humanity’s greatest threats and the government is already taking major action to address the problem.

– Finland is now at the top of the world here. We have one of the most ambitious climate targets in the world and the recent decisions and guidelines just made on how to achieve that target by 2035 at the latest.

Chairman of the Center Parliamentary Group Juha Pylväs says he does not accept Elokapina’s approach at all.

– Demonstrating is all right when you follow the instructions of the police and show your opinion where the police have directed it to be shown. Now Elokapina doesn’t work that way.

The Left Alliance emphasizes the right to protest

Yle has also asked the interior minister of the Greens Maria Ohisaloa to comment on Elokapina’s plans. Ohisalo has signaled to Yle that he will comment on the matter in the evening.

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Chairman of the Left Alliance, Minister of Education Li Andersson refused to be busy, citing Yle’s request for an interview. From the Left Alliance, the MP commented on the matter Mai Kivelä.

– Demonstration is a civil right guaranteed by the Constitution. If it is a matter of peaceful civil disobedience, then that is part of democracy.

Kivelä states that the possible criminal consequences of the demonstration are assessed by persons other than politicians.

Kivelä says the police should never use undue force against peaceful protesters.

– According to the Police Act, the use of force must be justified. Personally, I do not consider it justified to force peaceful protesters who have a legitimate reason to be on the streets.

Story changed at 3:54 PM: Added Mai Kivelä’s comments

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